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What is a DOT Consortium?

A  group of Federally regulated companies working together with the same common objective of achieving the minimum annual required drug and alcohol random testing rates established by Department of Transportation (DOT) for the given calendar year. 


Number of Companies: 132

Participants/Employees:  1200

Random Selection Rates

Random selections take place on a quarterly basis (4 times a year) in compliance with the DOT required FMCSA testing rates of 50% for drugs and 10% for calendar year 2022. Each pool participant has an equal chance of being selected 1-4 times per year, and/or might never be selected.


The computer does not examine Participant IDs or length of service, nor does it take into account how many times, when, or whether participants have been tested in the past. It is possible that someone chosen for a random test may have just completed a test the day before or was selected in the last random selection. The random element of chance is just what is implied--a random chance.


Computerized Selection Method

Computerized random selections take place via a secure software system called TestChecks. TestChecks uses a proven random algorithm written specific for the TestChecks servers and software. The random numbers that TestChecks uses are provided by a cryptographically secure pseudo‐random number generator (CSPRNG) using entropy provided by the Linux Kernel's /dev/random device. Detailed information regarding the random algorithm and how it pertains to the TestChecks server can be found at the following resources:

 - Generator process:

 - Linux kernel entropy:


Updating the Random Pool

Prior to a selection taking place the Designated Employer Representative (DER) will receive an email notice requesting the list of random participating employees be updated.  Within 5 business days from receiving the notice, the DER is required to log into the TestChecks portal to “activate” or “inactivate” participants.  The DER may submit request for changes also via email to (request for changes over the phone or via voicemail are not acceptable). 


When adding new participants into the random consortium, it is required for the employee to have a Negative Pre-employment DOT-Federal Drug Test on file; the test date must be within 30 days from adding the employee into the Consortium (exception applies to employees who have been actively participating in another DOT Consortium and are transferring to the MOHMS Consortium).  More info in reference to this requirement can be found at


Employee Notification and Testing

Once a random selection takes place, the DER is sent an email notification from TestChecks alerting that a selection has taken place.  The DER is responsible for logging into the TestChecks portal to view/print the Random selection documentation, and when applicable, print the employee random notices for the employees selected. Once a notification is given to the employee, the employee must proceed immediately to the designated testing site for testing.  Employees selected for Alcohol testing must report for testing within 2 hours of receiving the notification; alcohol testing must take place either before, during, or at the end of the workday (cannot notify employees of alcohol testing requirement on a day the employee is not performing safety sensitive functions). The DER must complete employee quarterly random testing by the deadline date provided by the consortium program administrator.  


DER’s and Owner Operators must report for testing immediately (same day) they become aware of the selection and not wait until the end of the quarter.



All DOT specimen results (to include negative, positive, dilute, and adulterated specimens) are reviewed by the testing provider’s Medical Review Officer (MRO) of choice.  Once the review is complete, the DER receives the result from the established testing provider of employer’s choice via a mutually agreed secure method of communication.


Record Keeping

Documentation pertaining to the drug and alcohol-testing program is maintained according to DOT guidelines in a secure location with controlled access. Negative results are stored for 1 year, and positive findings are stored for 5 years. MOHMS serves as gatekeeper of results when specimens are processed by MOHMS preferred SAMHSA laboratory of choice.


Statistical Reports

DOT Random Statistical reports are provided to all Consortium members on a quarterly basis.  Annual Management Information System (MIS) reports are available to only MOHMS full-service TPA clients.


Consortium Management Fee

Consortium Management fee is a yearly charge of $250.00 for unlimited number of company pool participants.  No refunds for early pool withdrawals; fee applies to individuals who participate in the pool for at least one selection period – Management fees are separate from drug and alcohol testing fees.


FMCSA Clearinghouse

FMCSA regulated carriers are required to comply with the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse that went into effect January 6th, 2020 (non-compliance penalties are listed in the Code of Federal Regulations 382.727).  FMCSA regulated employers are required to query the FMCSA Clearinghouse for current and prospective employees' drug and alcohol violations, and annually query the Clearinghouse for each driver they employ. When mutually agreed, MOHMS assists with employer’s reporting requirements (i.e., Positive Alcohol tests, Refusals, and Return-to-Duty testing).  To register in the Clearinghouse, visit

Employer repeated negligent actions with maintaining compliance and/or not following

proper procedures may result on the removal from the Consortium program.

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