DNA Paternity Testing

Ø  Private, Confidential and Court Admissible testing

Ø  Specimen(s) collected via buccal swab

Ø  Appointments required (evening and weekend times available)

Ø  Payment in full required at the time of service – we do not bill insurances

Ø  Results can be expected within 10 business days (excludes holidays or weekends)


Court admissible testing requirements

Ø  Alleged father must have a valid Photo ID

Ø  Birth Certificate required for the child

Ø  Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

Ø  Donor subject to having an in-office photo taken


Interpreting Results

Due to the science behind DNA testing, results for a PATERNITY testing have to be worded in a certain way  that isn’t always easily understandable. Paternity testing will typically return one of two results: “cannot be excluded” or “excluded”. 


If your report contains the statement, “…[name] cannot be excluded as the biological mother / father of [name]”, this means the genetic evidence determined that the tested parent is the biological parent of the tested child.


If your report contains the statement, “[name] is excluded as the biological mother / father of [name]”,  this means that there is no direct parent-to-child biological relationship between the tested parent and  tested child.

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